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Each year cPort staff and students look forward to participating in our Elementary School Scholarship Program. This year was no exception! Last December we kicked off our 13th year of the Program, hosting our college aspiration workshops in eight elementary schools throughout Portland, Scarborough, and Augusta with workshops concluding in March.

The students were asked about what college they think they might want to go to and what interests them now that might make a good career in their future. Each student wrote an essay about their own personal vision for the future.

This year has been extraordinarily challenging for our school systems. Teachers and students were faced with a sudden transition to full-time remote learning due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19. But even through all of this, six of our eight schools were able to participate and complete essays before the end of the 2019/2020 school year.

cPort staff helped to read nearly 500 essays and select over 100 scholarship recipients. Potential careers for students ranged from the always popular NBA Player to Police Officer, Pediatric Oncologist to Hairdresser, and Video Game Designer. Students plan to study at colleges and universities both locally and across the country. Some students were interested in attending the likes of Duke, Harvard, University of Southern Maine, MECA, Baylor University—and many more! Winning students received certificates and are being mailed letters at home about how to claim their scholarship.

We thank each and every school, principal, teacher, student, parent, guardian, and friend of the program for making this another wonderful year! Given the hardships of the past few months, we are extremely grateful that they made the time to help influence and promote the aspirations of these students at such an early age. This program is at the heart of cPort and being able to complete it during these times of uncertainty means the world to us.

Congratulations to all the students who participated this year!