Heartbleed Bug Update


The Heartbleed bug, announced in media reports on April 9, takes advantage of a flaw in some websites’ security systems, allowing hackers to access user information. We have multiple layers of security monitoring our systems and do not have any evidence at this time that any of our systems have been affected. We will continue to monitor our systems as new information becomes available.


Many experts are recommending that people change their passwords to any sites that may have been affected once the bug fix is in place. They also recommend changing passwords to sensitive logins (like online banking) if you use similar passwords for many of your accounts. Click here to log into online banking to change your password.


Fraudsters may also use the news of the Heartbleed bug to attempt phishing scams to encourage people to change their passwords on fraudulent sites. Please be cautious with any requests to change login information on any site and do not click on links or attachments in unexpected emails.


If you have any questions about your online banking security (you can also read more here), please call us at 1-800-464-0253 or send a message through our secure communications center in online banking.


For more information about the Heartbleed bug:
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