Alert Center

Added convenience and security with Alert Center in Online Banking


In Alert Center, you can customize useful account notifications and reminders to be sent by email or text message. You can send reminders to yourself -- or whoever needs them most!


Account Balances

Create an alert for when the balance on any of your accounts reaches a certain threshold, or schedule periodic balance alerts to receive as frequently as you like.

  • Example: Text message alert when my checking account balance is less than $100.


Share Certificate Maturity

Set up a reminder when your certificate is reaching its maturity date.

  • Example: Email reminder 30 days before my certificate's maturity date.


Deposit & Withdrawal

Know by text or email when a deposit or a withdrawal is made.

  • Example: Text alert when a deposit in the amount of my biweekly payroll clears.


Loan Payment Due

Set up a reminder for your loan payment due date.

  • Example: Email alert 2 days before my loan payment is due.


Purchase Alert

Receive a notification when a purchase above or below a certain dollar amount is made.

  • Example: Text alert to my spouse (who is a joint member on my account) and me when a purchase over $500 is made.


Custom Messages

Send a custom reminder that you create on any schedule!

  • Example: Email reminder to my personal AND work email addresses for my spouse's birthday and our anniversary!


Setting Up Alerts

Customize as few or as many alerts as you like! You can set up multiple email addresses and phone numbers as contacts for Alert Center right in Contact Manager.


Quiet Times

Don't want to receive a text alert in the middle of the night? Set up a Quiet Time for each contact you add to specify during which times you'd like to receive, or not receive, alerts.

To get started, log in to online banking. Click on the "Your OnlineBanking" drop down menu, and select "Alert Center."



If you have questions about using or signing up for Online Banking or Alert Center, please contact us by phone during our regular business hours (1-800-464-0253) or by e-mail at

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