Account Transfers


Electronically Transfer Funds Between All of Your Accounts

With Account Transfers, you can move funds into and out of the accounts you hold at cPort such as your Checking, Savings or Money Market Accounts, and your accounts held at other financial institutions. Instead of having to write a check to get money into your cPort account, for example, you can conveniently transfer the funds right from your computer.


How do I add remote accounts?

1. Log in to Online Banking at
2. Under the "Transfers" menu item, click on "Account Transfers."
3. Accept the "End User Agreement."
4. Confirm the information.
5. Before transfers can be started, you'll need to verify that you have access to the remote account. This is accomplished by sending 3 small transactions to the remote account of less than $0.25 each. (These transactions will not hit your cPort account.)

6. You will be notified by email when the transactions occurred. You will then access your remote account and note the amounts of the transactions. The account will be verified by logging into cPort's Online Banking and entering these amounts. The amounts must match exactly to confirm the account.
7. Once a remote account has been confirmed, it will appear in the list of accounts available for transfers along with the cPort accounts. Just like transfers between cPort accounts, members can schedule remote transfers through Online Banking.


Why do I have to verify my external accounts?

cPort is committed to protecting the security of your accounts and strives to maintain the integrity of our Online Banking service. The account verification procedures are double check safeguards that help us make sure nobody sets up your accounts but you.


Person-to-Person Payments

New! Now you can also send funds electronically to individuals or businesses with P2P Payments. Learn more here.



For more information about Account Transfers, call cPort today at 1-800-464-0253 or email


*Certain restrictions and technical limitations may apply.

Open Transfer Rates & Limits (Last Modified: Apr 01, 2014)

Incoming TransfersFree
Outgoing Transfers$3.00 each
Daily Limit$2,500.00*
30-Day Limit$10,000.00
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