The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. It’s time for Back to School shopping and planning!

Colored pencils, and calculators, and backpacks, oh my! Going back to school means stocking up on those must-haves for a successful year of learning. It’s important to get your budget in order and determine what will work best for your family! Here are our 7 tips on Back-To-School shopping that wont break the bank!

  1. Hold off on buying supplies too early. Your child may LOVE that trendy themed lunchbox in July, but come September, they may be singing a different tune. To avoid buying multiples, hold off until a month or so before heading back to school!
  2. Stick to the teacher’s list! They make them for a reason. No need in buying additional materials, even if they are really cute. The simply wont be put to use.
  3. Get the kids involved! We believe so much in teaching financial responsibility early on. By getting your children involved in the shopping, you can teach them about smart ways to hunt for the best deal out there.
  4. Get Creative. Who says new is the only option? Check around garage sales or yard sale sites. Maybe even host a supply swap with families in your neighborhood. Everyone is on a budget and what may be someone’s used backpack could be given a whole new life in the arms of a new owner!
  5. Shop Around. Back to school season is a busy time of year for stores! Make sure you take the time to research where the best deals are so you aren’t just grabbing the first pack of spiral notebooks you see!
  6. Shop online wisely. During the back-to-school rush, a lot of companies offer free shipping if you spend enough. Partner up with local families or neighbors to reach the quota and get free shipping!
  7. Plan for next year! Use your “actual spent” calculations of this year to help you prepare for next school year so you know what to expect! You can even have your child help you “save up” for some bonus school supplies on their wish list for the coming year.