Add Category

Having a budget is an important thing to keep at the forefront of our minds when spending might be a little more prevalent as we approach the upcoming holiday season and get ready for a new year. Never created your own budget? Nervous to think about what making a budget may entail? No need to worry, cPort’s eBanking has you covered!

With numerous tools available at the simple click of a button, budgeting has never been so seamless. cPort’s Budget feature is a convenient money management tool for online banking users to create and track budgets. Within Budgets you have the ability to categorize transactions.

For example, if you want to track all of your utility expenses you can categorize both your electricity and cable under the category “utilities.” The more transactions you categorize, the more detailed your budget will be!


1. Go to the accounts tab in your cPort eBanking account.

2. Click on the add a category button.

category pop up menu

3. Choose a category from the pop-up menu.

category added

4. Example of category added to payment in your account.