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We are so fortunate to see so many young cPort members, and brilliant aspiring scholars in our community, accomplish the milestone of graduating college in pursuit of their career dreams. We’ve watched them grow since opening a College Club or Earnie Savings Account.

The hard work and commitment of these students is to be celebrated. We congratulate the Graduating Class of 2020. Well done!

This graduating class is unique in many ways. Most significantly, the commencement ceremonies and job prospects are like no other graduating class in history. Without the ceremony of this momentous occasion, how do we recognize and honor a student’s hard work? Furthermore, how does a recent grad approach finding employment in a job market during a possible recession? 

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced Maine colleges to rethink how they conduct their graduation ceremonies. MECA intends to celebrate its 2020 graduates at the beginning of the fall semester. UMaine hopes to have an in-person ceremony this fall, and in the meantime they’ve created an online Class of 2020 Recognition Week to honor its recent grads with daily videos released throughout the first week of May. University of Southern Maine’s commencement ceremonies were hosted virtually.

This year was supposed to be one of the best to enter the job market. However, with the unemployment rate increasing daily, what’s a recent college grad to do? Below are a few things for recent graduates to keep in mind while you wait for your first job opportunity to open up:

Make the most of your time at home

While you’re at home, now is the perfect time to stay connected and network digitally with friends and alumni from your school. By staying in contact with folks and sharing your skillset with others, you’re putting yourself in the best position possible to show potential employers what you have to offer.

While practicing at home networking, it’s also a good opportunity to brush up on your interview skills. Practice mock video calls with your friends where you take turns playing interviewer/interviewee, asking key questions about the job you’re interested in.

Go deeper

Was there a class in college you wish you could have taken but didn’t have room for in your schedule? Many schools are now offering free online courses. While you have some time, it might be beneficial to enroll in one and further your skills in a particular subject!

Practice budgeting

Now is the time to develop solid money habits. Start practicing your budgeting skills by putting together a practical budget. This way, you’ll be ready for when you’re living on your own.

Be patient

We know, easier said than done!

It might take a while for you to find a job in the current market, but don’t lose faith. In the meantime, read, keep your mind active, consider what careers interest you, and start researching companies in those fields.

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We are so happy for and proud of the Class of 2020 and look forward to watching their careers blossom in the future.