French Fries

cPort is proud to sponsor the Common Ground Fair. We think it’s important to support MOFGA’s mission statement around educating citizens on gardening, food production and sustainability. 

Coincidently, MOFGA’s mission fits right into cPort’s core values. In the same way MOFGA provides support for the organic farming community, we take a similar approach to ensure our members have a healthy and sustainable financial experience. To us, the Common Ground Country Fair is a celebration of these values. 

A signal that Autumn has arrived, we look forward to the annual celebration of farming, agriculture, organic goodness, and incredibly delicious hand-crafted food. We once heard a child at the fair exclaim, “Even the ketchup is better here!”

The pandemic has forced us to make so many changes, not all of them bad. For one, we’ve all embraced and realized how crucial our local infrastructure is, especially for food production. So many of us, needing to stay inside, turned to making our own bread, growing our own vegetables, slowing down and really thinking about what we put on our tables.

cPort is proud to support this dynamic and rooted-in-community organization. MOFGA enriches our state’s heritage of pioneering, forging ahead and being deliciously self-sufficient.