Congratulations to the 173 Wentworth School fifth graders who submitted essays this year for cPort Scholarship Program!


After participating in workshops led by Bob Stuart of Maine College Circle, students wrote essays about their career aspirations and where they would attend college in order to pursue those careers. Students wrote about their dreams of future careers including mechanical engineer, marine biologist, pilots, and chefs. They plan to study at colleges and universities across the country including Yale, Brown University, Unity College, Juilliard, and M.I.T. cPort staff read the essays and selected the scholarship recipients based on students’ passion, effort, and identification of a college in their essays. At the ceremony held on June 8, cPort staff and school officials recognized every program participant for their efforts and announced the scholarship recipients in front of their peers and families.

Campus Visit

Scarborough cPort Scholarship Program 2017 scholarship recipients also attended our April 23 visit to Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Students experienced the SJC campus first-hand through a campus tour, a trip to the lake for some fun, and lunch in the dining hall.

We are so proud of all of this year’s cPort Scholarship Program participants! Special thanks to the teachers, principal, and guidance counselors at Wentworth School for their continued partnership. Since the program started at Wentworth School in 2015, we have awarded over $7,500 in scholarships to fifth graders!