cPort’s Halloween Safety Tips 🎃👻

By October 31, 2018Holidays

It’s time for trick or treating and we want to make sure your day is full of just treats!

Ghosts and goblins are scary but Trick or Treating shouldn’t be! Here are our 5 tips to stay safe on Halloween:

  1. Stay in a Group- Whether you’re going door to door, or headed to Main Street for some Halloween treats, be sure to stay in a group and always have a buddy!
  2. Bring a Flashlight- It’s getting darker, earlier now! Be prepared with a flashlight to light the paths to candy sweetness.
  3. Use Paint over Masks- Masks are fun and handy, but when possible, opt for face paint instead! It wont obstruct your vision and you wont have to worry about adjusting it all night.
  4. Stick to the Sidewalk- Streets can get super busy on Halloween night. Staying on the sidewalk, and within crosswalks, will keep you safe and out of the way of ghoulish vehicles.
  5. Always Check your Candy- Before diving in to your sweet treats, always have an adult check your candy to make sure wrappers are untouched by the goblins of the night! You may have to pay a candy tax to mom and dad, but that’s okay.

That’s all we’ve got for you today! Stick to these safety tips, and have a fun and Happy Halloween!

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