On Monday, May 23rd, cPort upgraded our eBanking system. There are so many great features to check out! I’m most excited about…

  • Picture Pay- With the new eBanking system, you can now set up Bill Pay by taking a picture of your bill! This new feature is going to make setting up payments a breeze. I really can’t wait to test it out with my electricity bill and not have to worry about remembering to put a check in the mail each month.
  • Pay a Friend- This feature is now easier and faster! All you need to do is type in your friends name, how you’d like to send the money (email or via text), and a security question only your friend can answer! They’ll get an email or text (whichever you select), enter their bank’s info, and get the money in 1-2 business days! And the best part? It’s FREE!
  • Money Manager- Similar to Mint, this new feature built in to cPort’s eBanking is going to allow you to aggregate all of your outside accounts and manage your finances in one place!  You’ll even be able to keep tabs on your net worth– pretty awesome!
  • Touch ID for sign in- This could be my favorite new feature. On compatible devices, after you’ve downloaded the new app and registered, you can set up Touch ID to log in to view accounts! Or, you can set up a 4 digit PIN.

To learn more, click here! We hope to make the transition as easy as possible for our members. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-464-0253, email us at [email protected]g, or stop in to any of our branches.