Pumpkin Patch Perambulation

This time of year means apple picking, pumpkin carving, and as many Fall festivals you can cram in!

Luckily, MaineToday has compiled a list of Can’t Miss Fall Events! I wasted no time in marking all of these on my calendar so I wouldn’t miss a thing. The important thing, is to budget for all of the extra crafts, activities, and day adventures you plan on indulging in. Here are some helpful tips to not blow your budget and still maximize all the Autumn adventure you can handle:

  • Plan your day! This one seems easy, but if you have a schedule of where you’d like to go each day, you are less likely to splurge on unplanned activities, or try to squeeze in too much and end up spending a lot of money at a lot of different places. Even better, set a cash only budget and leave your cards at home to avoid overspending!
  • Pack your lunch! Festivals can add up between lunch, drinks, raffles, and more. Bring your own lunch and waters, and plan on just splurging for that one (maybe two) apple turnover!
  • Cook hearty, seasonal meals! Fall is the perfect time for cozy soups and stews. When you make a meal big enough for a few nights, you leave some wiggle room in the budget to pick up that artisan jelly at the fair!
  • Check out Free fall events! Though some festivals cost money to enter, Maine offers a lot of other, budget-friendly activities. Plus, leaf peeping is always free of charge!
  • Create your own fall fun! Spend your day backyard pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, or building a homemade scarecrow. It’s not about the things you acquire, but rather the memories!

I hope you have a fun-packed fall and remember to stop and enjoy the view!