Furry Family

Buster, Pumpkin, Brady (x3), Toby and Jasmine – our pets are beloved members of our families here at cPort. We know that pets are furry family for cPort members, too. For members looking to adopt pets to become part their families, here are some budget considerations for becoming pet parents.

How to find your new pet

We’re big fans of pet adoption, and Maine is home to some great organizations that help match great pets to loving homes. Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Kennebec Valley Humane Society, and the Coastal Humane Society are all local options for pet adoption.

Adoption costs

Adoptions costs will vary by location and animal and can typically range from $125-250 for dogs and $25-175 for cats. Adoption costs often include spaying or neutering and some medical tests and vaccinations. Check with your local shelter to see which vaccinations are included in the adoption fee and which additional follow up treatments you’ll need to schedule with a veterinarian.


Once you’ve adopted your new pet, you’ll want to equip your home for your pet’s needs with items such as food dishes, a carrier or kennel, collars and leashes for dogs, litter and a litter box for cats, and toys and treats. A starter trip to the pet supply store could cost $50-100 or more depending on the pet.

Feeding your pet will be a significant ongoing cost. Your pet’s size, age, and activity level will determine how much they eat. Pet foods can range widely in cost by brand and ingredient type; buying any type of food in bulk can help save money over time. For example, Maxxwell is an 80 lb. lab mix and generally eats a 50 lb. bag of Blue Buffalo each month, costing around $45/month. Subscription sites like Chewy are convenient for setting up recurring orders with home delivery options.

Health care

You’ll also want to schedule regular vaccinations and check ups for your pet with a veterinarian. These can cost $150-250 depending on the vet and services needed. Some vets offer payment plans for normal annual care. Pet insurance can also be a good option for pet owners ($20-50/month depending on the pet) in case of larger medical needs like emergency care or surgery. Flea treatments for outdoor pets can also cost around $30/month.

cPort’s Furry Family Loans

If you’re ready to adopt a pet, a Furry Family Loan offers an option to invest in your family without paying for all costs at once out of pocket or charging a high interest credit card. A Furry Family Loan can help bundle your costs into one manageable payment on a time frame that fits your pet adoption budget.

It’s impossible to put a price tag on the love and companionship that pets (like Grace, Guy, Charlie, or Daisy) bring to our lives. If you’re looking to invest in your (furry) family, cPort is here to help.