July is National Ice Cream Month!

Boy Share Ice Cream With His Sister

At cPort, we never need an excuse to enjoy FREE ice cream, but for the rest of the world, good news! July is National Ice Cream Month, which means you get to indulge all month long. We put together our favorite list of local spots, to help you celebrate:

Lib’s Dairy Treats- Located just down the street from our Riverside branch, this place is a favorite of our staff! Lib’s has been family owned and operated since 1969 and serves up some of the best ice cream around! Our favorite is soft-serve peanut butter with a fruit whip twist for the perfect PB&J!

Sweetcream Dairy- A short drive from our Scarborough branch, this sweet place offers some of the freshest ingredients around! Nearly every ingredient is locally sourced and the flavors are unlike any other you’ll find. Their mint chip is made from REAL mint leaves, though our favorite is What the Fluff– Peanut butter, fluff, and graham cracker crumble keep us coming back for more!

Papa’s Ice Cream- Serving up over 35 Gifford’s hard serve flavors, Papa’s in Standish is a local staple. Be sure to try out their Peanut butter pie ice cream, even better when it’s eaten in a waffle cone!

The Dairy Corner- Not only does The Dairy Corner have outdoor seating and a backyard patio for relaxing, they also offer 75 hard-serve flavors! For us Harry Potter fans, we splurge for the Muggle Pie– vanilla ice cream with homemade pound cake, peanut butter, homemade red raspberry topping, whip cream, and a cherry on top!

Fielder’s Choice- With 5 locations, this baseball-themed joint is a hit! The servings are ginormous and the flavors are second to none. If you find yourself in a pickle trying to decide, aim for The Dugout which includes your choice of ice cream, a brownie, chocolate fudge sauce, and whipped cream– homerun!

Mt. Desert Ice Cream– If it’s good enough for number 44, it’s good enough for us! This downtown Portland ice cream spot makes premium, homemade ice cream in small batches. They make the classics and some out-of-the-box flavors, including our staff favorites of Vietnamese Coffee and Green Tea!

Red’s Dairy Freeze- Serving up the finest soft serve and frozen yogurt since 1952! Our favorite isn’t listed on the menu, but it’s a best-kept secret– ask for the Butterscotch Boston Shake with vanilla ice cream!

Gorgeous Gelato– Right in the heart of the old port, this place is the Italian cousin of our beloved ice cream. With flavors rotating every season, you’ll always get the freshest treat. Our recommendation? Go for the salted caramel for a delicious bite!

Willard Scoops- Serving up homemade ice cream to the Willard Beach community, this spot warns that you may become addicted to their delicious treats! With flavors like Brandied Brownie and our favorite, Coffee Oreo, it’s no surprise people keep coming back for more.

PA’s Place- PA’s place may be new to Litchfield, but it’s making waves with its fresh flavors and family movie nights. They even serve up dairy-free ice cream flavors! If you stop in, relax at their picnic tables and go for the blueberry cheesecake ice cream for a quintessential Maine treat!

There you have it, our favorite ice cream spots nearby! Now go forth, and celebrate National Ice Cream Month all over Maine and just remember at cPort, we celebrate all year long, with FREE ice cream in our branches, every day!

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