CPort Blog Post Image Amjambo Gene

After 16 years of serving the New Mainer community, cPort’s President & CEO Gene Ardito has gained a deep understanding of the financial challenges that can come with establishing residency in a new country.

He recently contributed an article to the July issue of Amjambo Africa, discussing how opening an account at a financial institution is an important step toward establishing independence in America. He highlights that when people are financially stable, they have the ability to do great things. Ardito goes over some of the different services financial institutions offer in America. He spoke about how different our financial systems must look to New Mainers from what they have experienced in their home country.

He also emphasizes the convenience of online banking and talks about how these digital tools, while at first might seem challenging, are put in place to make banking transactions easier. Whether you are depositing a check through your phone, paying a friend, setting up recurring bill payments—the options are endless. Ardito encourages New Mainers to reach out to their financial institutions to educate them on their online banking offerings, adding they might just find themselves with extra time and energy to spend with family or hone a new skill. 

If you want to read a copy of Amjambo Africa or learn more about their mission, it’s a free publication you can access on their website and available in print at various locations throughout Maine.