cPort now has chip, or EMV, debit cards! Chip card technology is a payment system improvement that will help increase card security and reduce in-store card fraud. The new Visa debit chip cards contain a microchip that stores the data needed to process transactions. By encrypting your personal information on the microchip, each transaction you make produces a unique token number that cannot be stolen and replicated, which greatly increases the security of your new card! The new chip cards still have a magnetic strip for merchants that don’t yet accept chip cards.

When will I receive my chip debit card?
We are currently re-issuing cards to members whose cards have been involved in previous data compromises (like Target or Home Depot).

For all other members, as your existing debit cards expire, we’ll re-issue your new chip debit card.

How will I use my new chip debit card?
The cards are inserted into a terminal for the duration of a transaction instead of swiped at the beginning of a transaction. Your card will arrive enclosed with instructions for activation and use.

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-464-0253 or [email protected] with any questions you may have.