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Online Security

At cPort Credit Union, your financial security is our highest priority. Here are some tips to help you keep your information secure online.

Strong passwords

One important key to maintaining security of your information online is making sure that you use strong passwords for any online accounts. Unfortunately, data breaches at several prominent companies have taught us, as consumers, the importance of online security. Having a strong password, and different passwords for each account, helps safeguard your account information should one of your passwords fall into the wrong hands. Here are Google’s tips on creating strong passwords.

Antivirus software

Make sure your computer's antivirus software is up to date, and run scans of your computer regularly. This site offers comparisons of several software options.

Email security

We recommend using caution when clicking links in emails to access online financial information. Links in phishing emails can lead to copycat sites where login information can be captured. To ensure your information’s security, use a bookmark in your browser or type in the web address of the site you wish to log in to. This quick quiz will help you test how savvy you are at spotting phishing sites.

Set up Account Alerts

Setting up Account Alerts in Online Banking can help you monitor unusual account activity. You can customize alerts to be sent to you by email and/or text message about transactions or withdrawals above a specified dollar amount. Read more about Account Alert Center here.

We also recommend taking a look at the many resources provided by the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions about online security, as well as many other topics including borrowing, money management, and fraud prevention. Read more here.

For more information

Call us at 1-800-464-0253, email [email protected], or stop in to one of our branches for more information about online security.

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