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Touchless payment apps such as Venmo and PayPal are on the rise with more people trying to avoid handling cash during COVID-19. While popular apps like these are convenient and easy, they could be costing users in fees and privacy.

At cPort, we’ve seen an increase in our eBanking platform usage too. Over 700 people signed up for eBanking accounts since Maine enacted social distancing measures. On some days, there have been as many as 22,000 logins – keeping our servers humming! 

One highlight of cPort eBanking is Pay-A-Friend, a digital payment feature that allows you to easily and quickly transfer money to friends and businesses using your phone, tablet, or computer via text or email.

Saovady Em, cPort’s Manager of Digital Experience, says there’s a good reason that members are using this tool as their choice for touchless payments. “Pay-A-Friend is already built into the cPort eBanking ecosystem, so there’s no need for an extra app. Plus, our members appreciate that there are no fees involved and personal data isn’t shared.”

Unlike other payment software apps, we don’t charge transfer fees with Pay-A-Friend. Also, you can rest assured that your purchases remain private, unlike other payment apps where your information is shared publicly on a newsfeed type platform.

To get started with Pay-A-Friend, you’ll need a cPort eBanking account which you can create here. Once you are logged in, click the Pay-A-Friend icon in the navigation menu and follow the prompts. If you get stuck, check out page 15 on our eBanking resource guide or give cPort Member Care a call at 1-800-464-0253 and we’ll happily coach you through.