With uncertain times at hand, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your finances. When you understand your spending habits, you are more in control of your money. This makes it easier to establish savings goals and be prepared for unexpected circumstances. cPort’s eBanking makes this task easy and effective with cutting-edge widgets and functionality built into the platform. 

cPort’s Budget widget is a money management tool for online banking users to monitor their income and expenses. Within Budgets you can categorize transactions.For example, if you want to track all of your eating expenses, you can categorize both your groceries and takeout under the category “food.” The more transactions you categorize, the more detailed your budget will be. Knowing where your money is being spent will help you to plan strategically for the future.

Another useful eBanking option is to view your non-cPort accounts. This means you can securely link your accounts from other financial institutions within cPort’s eBanking. This is a view-only feature, so you cannot perform any physical transactions from your external accounts, but you can view the transactions and include these accounts in your budget. This functionality will give you a more accurate picture of your overall finances.

With the Savings Goals widget, you have the opportunity to set financial goals and track their progress. You can set up multiple goals per account and allocate funds to those goals in different ways. If there is something you are working to save for, setting up savings goals is an uncomplicated and convenient approach toward helping you achieve it.

To put these powerful tools to work, log into the Dashboard of your eBanking account to set up View Non-cPort Accounts. From there, click the More… button. Then click on the appropriate Widgets tab for Budgets and Savings Goal. If you get stuck, send a message through the eBanking platform. We’re happy to coach you through!