Scholarship Program

cPort Scholarship Program

2022 Program Recap

Every year cPort staff look forward to reading college aspiration essays from students in the communities we serve. In 2022, we kicked off our 15th year of the cPort Scholarship Program. Hosting our college aspiration workshops in seven elementary schools throughout Portland, Augusta, and Scarborough, we also celebrated our first year at the Boys & Girls Club of Kennebec Valley (BGCKV)!

cPort staff helped to read just under 700 essays and selected over 100 scholarship recipients! Since our start in 2008 at Riverton, cPort has given our 1,200 scholarships to deserving students in the community. That's over $120,000 awarded with the goal to begin the conversation early about aspirations after high school!

We thank each and every school, after school program, teacher, principal, BGCKV staff member, parent, guardian, and friend of the program for making this another successful year! We are extremely grateful that each school made the time to help influence and promote the aspirations of these students at such an early age. The program is the heart of cPort and we are so grateful we get to continue it for another 15 years or more.


About the Program

cPort is proud to partner with elementary schools in our communities to provide this innovative scholarship program. We believe that it's never too early to start preparing for college, both financially and academically. It's also our firm belief than anyone can attend college.

The cPort Scholarship Program began as "Riverton & Beyond" at Portland's Riverton Elementary in 2008, and has since expanded to all Augusta elementary schools beginning in 2010 as well as Portland's Ocean Avenue School in 2011, Reiche School in 2013, Presumpscot School, Scarborough's Wentworth Intermediate School in 2015, and the Boys & Girls Club of Kennebec Valley in 2022.

The program begins with students in grades 3-6 participating in an aspirations workshop with Bob Stuart of Maine College Circle. Following the workshops, students are encouraged to write an application essay for a $100 college scholarship focused on their interests and future career aspirations, and how higher education may help achieve those goals.

The scholarships are awarded to recipients in a school-wide ceremony, where all participants are acknowledged with a t-shirt and certificate of participation. Scholarship recipients also participate in a college campus visit the following spring, where they receive a VIP tour and lunch on campus to experience college life first-hand. (This portion of the program is on pause during COVID-19).

We believe that this program is truly making a difference for students by encouraging them to dream big and plan early for higher education.