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Wentworth School just celebrated their fifth year participating in the cPort Scholarship Program! The fifth-grade students of Wentworth participated in workshops led by Bob Stuart of the Maine College Circle. The students wrote essays about their future goals and plans including what college they would like to attend, what they would like to study at college, and what they want to do for a job when they grow up. The cPort staff judged these essays based on the effort the students put into them. Of the 254 students who submitted essays, 24 students were awarded $100 scholarship to put into a College Club Account at cPort until they are 18 years old.

The students who won scholarships are ambitious individuals who wrote about future careers as computer engineers, chemists, teachers, marine biologists, snowmobile mechanics, zoologists, immigration lawyers, geneticists, astronauts, animal advocates, and many more! The colleges of their choice ranged from as close as University of Southern Maine all the way to the West Coast at University of California or California Institute of Technology, and everything in between. We can’t wait to hear about the future graduates of M.I.T., Duke University, Harvard University, University of Maine Fort Kent, John Hopkins University, Eckerd College (and more) doing what they love and changing the world for the better.