Thanksgiving Still Life With Pumpkins And Message

Thanksgiving is coming up and at cPort, we took time to reflect on the things we are most thankful for…

We are so thankful for our members for being a part of the cPort family and referring your own friends and family to join, as well! We wouldn’t be Maine’s fastest growing credit union without your support! We also asked our employees what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving, here is what they had to say:

“I am thankful for my crazy little family of 4, plus our American Bulldog Rex, and orange cat Boomer. Between my two kids and them, I cannot help but have smiles and be thankful for them every day! Also, very thankful for my mom, she is my rock and always there for anything family orientated. We all love this season, baking presents more so than buying and giving. MEMORIES” -Christina M.

“After a moped accident resulting in a fractured pelvis, I am thankful to walk again before it snowed (good health).” -Liz W.

“I’m thankful for my family, including my two adorable cats!  It means so much to be able to spend quality time with them throughout the year, but especially around the holidays!” -Ember E

“I am so thankful to work for a company that values family. I’m excited to bring a new little baby into the world this Christmas season, adding to my family of 3, and know that cPort will be ready to welcome me back with open arms after my maternity leave!” -Chelsea L.

“I’m thankful for great family and friends and my adorable dogs Max and Tuck.” -Peyton D.

“Thankful for all the people who make a difference in our lives, take the time to stop and thank them.” -Lydia R.

“I’m thankful for life long friendships. It’s so nice sharing time with friends I’ve known since we were 7. We have so much shared history and continue to grow and support each other through each new phase of our lives.” -Laura M.

“I have so many things that I am grateful for, but I am especially grateful for my mom who is 85 years old, enjoys every moment of every day, is extremely healthy, and is still with us to enjoy another holiday season.  The holidays mean so much to her and she has always made each one very special.” -Missy T.