We can help

The immigrant community in Maine is vibrant and thriving.

There is an abundance of opportunity that awaits New Mainers. However, starting fresh in a new country can be difficult to navigate. cPort welcomes you and we look forward to helping you on a road to success. We've met hundreds of immigrants and helped them to establish a financial foundation in America to build from. Whether you are opening a bank account for the first time, applying for U.S. citizenship, or looking for a loan, we're ready to get going!

cPort Citizenship Loans

Recognizing the need in our community, cPort created the citizenship loan to help new Mainers finance their path to U.S. citizenship. A cPort Citizenship Loan helps cover costs associated with reaching citizenship and helps to establish credit.

The Indus Fund

This community-supported microloan program was created to service the needs of the immigrant community in Maine. Small business owners within this community could qualify to borrow up to $10,000 at below-market interest rates.