Free Tax Prep

Free Tax Prep

You may be eligible to have your 2023 taxes prepared and filed for free at specific cPort branches. This is our effort to make the tax season more manageable for the community, ensuring accessibility and support for all.

cPort employees are volunteering their time through the CA$H Maine program to help Mainers get their 2023 taxes prepared for filing for free. Our three Portland and Scarborough location scan your tax documents, return them to you, and securely submit them for an IRS-certified tax preparer to prepare your taxes at another time.

Do You Qualify?

In order to qualify for free tax preparation services, you must meet all of the criteria below.

  • Your household's combined income for the 2023 year is $64,000 or less.
  • You didn't have any unusual types of income or expenses, such as rental property, farm income, or self-employment with more than $35,000 in expenses.
  • No one in the household lived or worked outside of Maine in 2023.
  • You or your spouse were not active military in 2023.
  • No one in your household is a foreign student, teacher, or trainee in the US on a F, J, M or Q visa.
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In-Person or Virtual Tax Assistance

CA$H Maine is a partnership of community non- and for-profit partners working together to help empower individuals and families to achieve long-term financial stability. Since 2004, They have offered free tax preparation to qualified filers during tax season; helped employers bring financial education tools to their employees; and educated hard-working families and individuals about programs in the community that can increase their income, reduce debt, and build savings. CA$H is a year-round resource, providing outreach and education about ways you can make the most of your money.