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Routing#: 211288239 | Toll-free: 800-464-0253



Effective as of November 1, 2022
Account Reconciliation or Research $25 per hour
Canadian Checks $10 per deposit
Cashier's Check 1 per day FREE; then $1 each
Check OrdersVaries
Dormant HSA (2 years no activity and balance below $500)$1 per month
Dormant Account (2 years no activity and balance below $500)$5 per month
Early Certificate Withdrawal Fee Varies (refer to Truth in Savings disclosure)
Expedited Payment in Bill Pay
- Bill Pay second day electronic delivery
- Bill Pay second day mail delivery
- Bill Pay overnight mail delivery
Foreign Services
- Check Collection
- Currency Purchase (<$300)
- Currency Purchase (>$300)
- Currency Redemption
- Draft Purchase
$20 + Correspondent fees
Instant Checks $2 per page
Overdraft (Courtesy Pay) Non-Sufficient Funds when funds are unavailable$27 each on transactions greater than $5; $0 if equal to or less than $5
Overdraft Paid By Transfer (From another account to checking)$2 each
Returned Deposited or Cashed Item $15 each
Returned Item (non-sufficient funds) $27 each
Stop Payment $20 each
Undeliverable Mail $5 per occurrence
Visa Debit Card Replacement
- Next-Day Rush
Visa Debit Card or ATM Card Withdrawals
- Debit or point-of-sale transactions
- International Transaction Service Fee
up to 1%
Visa Gift Cards $3 each
Wire Transfers
- Incoming (Domestic)
- Outgoing (Domestic)
- International

$10 each
$25 each
$40 each

If you have a dispute with your financial institution or credit union regarding your account, you may contact the financial institution or credit union and attempt to resolve the problem directly. If the financial institution or credit union fails to resolve the problem, communicate the problem and the resolution you are seeking to:

Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions
36 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0036

To file a complaint electronically, you may contact the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions here.
When your complaint involves a federally-chartered financial institution or credit union, the Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions will refer it to the appropriate federal supervisory agency.