Augusta Teen Center

Augusta Teen Center

An initiative we are proud to support is the Augusta Teen Center, run by the Boys & Girls Club of Augusta. This organization provides a safe and welcoming environment for teenagers to socialize, learn, and grow. In November, the teens held a craft fair to help support their fall and winter activities. As part of their financial literacy program, they practiced budgeting for the craft fair to make the most out of their profits. cPort Credit Union was proud to support their efforts as a sponsor for their successful community event.

About the Augusta Teen Center

At the Augusta Teen Center, teenagers can participate in various programs and activities promoting personal and academic development. The center focuses mainly on five core areas: education and career development, health and life skills, sports and fitness, arts, and character and leadership development. The programs provided by the Augusta Teen Center aim to teach teens essential life skills, provide them with positive role models, and encourage healthy decision-making.

A significant aspect of the Augusta Teen Center is how it provides a safe, welcoming space for teenagers. As teenagers go through various changes during this period of their lives, it can be challenging to find acceptance and support. The Augusta Teen Center offers just that, providing a safe space for teenagers to socialize, interact with positive role models, and develop new skills. This space allows teenagers to explore their interests, make friends, and feel accepted.

At cPort, we believe investing in our community’s youth is an investment in the future. The Augusta Teen Center is an essential asset to the Augusta community, creating a safe space for teenagers to grow, learn, and thrive. By providing a welcoming environment for teens to socialize and participate in numerous programs, the center helps prevent delinquency, creates a sense of community, and helps teenagers prepare for the future.

Pictured in photo: Brooke Averill, Augusta Teen Center JMG Coordinator; Christopher Maloney, Augusta Teen Center Executive Director; Michelle Lemieux, cPort Senior Branch Manager; Ashley Healey, Augusta Teen Center Assistant Director; Lizzy McCausland, Augusta Teen Center Program Coordinator; and Sara Moore, cPort Senior Relationship Coordinator.