Maine Students Shoot For The Stars with cPort’s Career Aspirations Program.

Auditorium of students assembled to receive career aspiration scholarship awards

This spring, we celebrated 16 years of our Career Aspirations Program. We partnered with six elementary schools and one after-school club in Portland, Augusta, and Gardiner. We appreciate that these communities continue to support the aspirations of our local elementary students each year. The program begins with students in grades 3-6 participating in an aspirations…

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There Are Options When It Comes to Paying for College

CPort Blog Post Image 2 Amjambo

With the start of school, one thing that can weigh on students’ minds is the financial responsibility that comes with attending college.  The financial section in the October issue of Amjambo Africa highlights the topic of education. Forest Avenue’s Branch Manager Jen Smith and Branch Supervisor Honorine Uwishema discuss all of the different way’s students…

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