Maine Students Shoot For The Stars with cPort’s Career Aspirations Program.

Auditorium of students assembled to receive career aspiration scholarship awards

This spring, we celebrated 16 years of our Career Aspirations Program. We partnered with six elementary schools and one after-school club in Portland, Augusta, and Gardiner. We appreciate that these communities continue to support the aspirations of our local elementary students each year. The program begins with students in grades 3-6 participating in an aspirations workshop with Bob Stuart of Maine College Circle. Following the workshops, students are encouraged to write an essay focused on their interests and future career aspirations. cPort employees were thrilled to read essays about the students’ aspirations that ranged from detectives to writers, soldiers, veterinarians, pilots, carpenters, and computer scientists.

This year, over 400 students submitted an essay in hopes of winning a $100 award. cPort presented 66 students an award, and they were recognized at a ceremony in front of their peers, teachers, families, and friends. We are incredibly grateful that each school and organization made the time to help influence and promote the aspirations of these students at such an early age. 

We thank each and every teacher, tutor, club staff member, principal, parent, guardian, and friend of the program for making this another successful year! This program continues to be the heart of cPort, and we are proud to have impacted over 9,750 students in our local communities over the past sixteen years. We look forward to working with many more wonderful students in the future.