cPort Testifies in Support of Office of New Americans

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When local legislation overlaps with the financial health of a community, it’s not just a legal issue. In a recent session at the state capitol, cPort Credit Union’s President & CEO, Gene Ardito and Senior Branch Manager, Honorine Uwishema shared crucial insights that align with cPort’s values and connect to the local community. There is significance in Gene and Honorine’s testimony supporting LD 2167—a bill poised to further economic development and improve Maine’s workforce by establishing an Office of New Americans.

LD 2167 has emerged as an opportunity to support an inclusive and adaptable workforce in Maine’s rapidly changing economic landscape. The proposal to establish an Office of New Americans is a step forward that recognizes the diverse talents and the contributions that newly arrived immigrants bring to our state. It’s an initiative that resonates with cPort’s value of community and presents an opportunity to standardize support for the New Mainer community.

As integral voices of the cPort team, Gene and Honorine presented a unified front to rally behind this significant bill. Their testimonies capture the link between financial literacy and the successful integration of New Mainers. Sharing insights into how cPort has been tackling financial education for nearly two decades, Gene’s testimony emphasized the importance of ensuring that immigrant communities are welcomed and empowered to thrive.

The proposed bill doesn’t just stand to benefit New Mainers; it will present a more inclusive and vibrant community to all. By embedding financial literacy training within the Office of New Americans, the bill can pave the way for positive financial futures. It would help immigrants steer clear of the consequences of unregulated debt. This proactive stance reflects cPort’s vision of allowing everyone access to financial resources and tools for a successful financial future.

Pictured in photo: cPort Senior Branch Manager, Honorine Uwishema and President and CEO, Gene Ardito.