cPort Continues News Connect Sponsorship

cPort Maine News Connect

After a successful pilot, cPort Credit Union continues its sponsorship of Maine Public News CONNECT, a program by Maine Public to deliver the news in the four most commonly spoken languages in Maine, after English: French, Spanish, Portuguese and Somali. cPort’s underwriting message for this program is cPort Credit Union. Providing innovative banking solutions while actively supporting Maine’s diverse communities. 

Every Friday afternoon, Maine Public broadcasts a Connect News Pod over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and on mainepublic.org. Each segment will is hosted by a community spokesperson who shares Maine Public News of each specific week.

The goal is to serve an increasingly diverse audience, to communicate critical public health information and relevant news across the state, connecting and enriching the lives of all Mainers.

CONNECT was designed with the Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition particularly with the help of PresentMaine, Gateway Community Services Maine, the Congolese and Angolan communities of Maine, and Amjambo Africa.

In addition to cPort Credit Union being a sponsor of Maine Public News Connect, the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, Lee Auto Malls, and St. Joseph Healthcare are also sponsors.