Honoring Service and Transitions: Greg L.

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At cPort Credit Union, we’re more than a financial institution; we’re a community that thrives on connections. Each cPort member, employee, and community member is vital to our collective success. In this employee spotlight, we are honored to share the exceptional story of one of our very own.

Greg L. started his career at cPort as a teller in 2017. It wasn’t long into his career before he was promoted to help assist members through our Member Care department. With unwavering dedication, he transitioned from the banking world to the Army National Guard in 2018, displaying a level of service that is nothing short of inspiring.

Taking Off Towards a New Journey

Joining the military has a profound impact on any individual’s life. It demands discipline, sharpens focus, and cultivates resilience. After 14 months of training, Greg transitioned from a banking environment to the intensive regimen of military aviation, adapting to new roles and responsibilities of a well-trained Rotary Wing Aviator.

We sat down to catch up with Greg, now back in his familiar role at cPort, and discussed his experiences that has changed his perspective on life.

Q: What was the pivotal moment that led you to consider military service?

A: “The decision to pursue military service was a lifelong aspiration. Despite the stability and opportunities found at cPort, the desire to serve was one that I could not ignore, and when the opportunity apply for flight school presented itself, I knew it was the right move.”

Q: How did your deployment overseas shape your perspectives?

A: “Deploying overseas was an eye-opening experience. My interactions with foreign cultures significantly altered my perception. I spent my free time talking with fellow soldiers that are big history buffs about the area and the cultures. We also got to experience several new and exciting perspectives with both locals and foreign allies.”

Q: What advice would you give others considering pausing their career to join the military?

A: “Deciding to pause your career for military service is significant and requires careful thought. I chose this path to serve realizing many of my family and friends regretted not doing so because of fear or self-doubt. If you’re drawn to serving and the values it offers, it’s worth considering. The military shapes your character and provides unique experiences unlike any career I have ever experienced.”

Q: Could you share a fun moment from your time in the Army?

A: “My most memorable experiences were those with the Finnish contingent. They showed a truly unique perspective to deployments by prioritizing the construction of their compound which included a sauna and ice baths. Ice was hard to come by, so it was exciting to be asked to join them.”

Greg’s story is a reminder that each member of our team brings unique experiences and perspectives that shape our success as an organization and what we do in our local communities. We want to thank Greg for his service and to all others who have served, for their dedication and sacrifices have shaped our world for the better.