Indus Fund in the News

The Indus Fund

cPort has partnered with The Indus Fund to grant below-market interest rate micro-finance loans to small business owners in Maine’s immigrant community. With recent media attention from MaineBiz and WMTW Channel 8, more business owners are taking advantage of this unique loan opportunity.

The article in MaineBiz is entitled Lending a hand: New Maine microloan program supports immigrant-owned small businesses and is written by Renee Cordes. The article highlights three cPort member businesses – Maize Colombian Street Food, Burundi Star Coffee, and Mimio’s Boutique. Besides telling the stories of these businesses, the article explains the micro-lending fund in-depth and the people working behind the scenes.

Talia Clark reports on The Indus Fund for WMTW Channel 8. In the video, cPort’s Honorine Uwishema is interviewed as well as The Indus Fund Founder, Kerem Durdag. Mimio’s Boutique owner, Mimie Mobeshaas talks about how The Indus Fund has helped her business. Clark also interviews Niky Watler from Maize about he got involved.

cPort offers below-market interest rate microfinance loans to service the needs of small business owners within the immigrant community of Maine. Businesses could qualify to borrow up to $10,000. To be eligible, applicants must be a first-generation Mainer (“New Mainer”). Learn more about The Indus Fund here.