Plan Ahead, Plan Smart

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Each month Forest Avenue’s Branch Manager Jen Smith and Assistant Branch Manager Honorine Uwishema weigh in on important financial topics to the new Mainer community in Amjambo Africa. November’s issue is an in depth look into planning for the future.

Budgeting is not only an important tool take make sure you are keeping track of your monthly bill’s expenses, it’s also a great way to prepare for unexpected costs or to help fund future goals. Jen and Honorine reiterate it’s never too late to start a budget and help outline some easy steps to take if you have never made one before. To put it simply, you can start by listing your known expenses on a piece of paper, or if you want to offer more detail you can create a spreadsheet online.

They also touch on the fact that most financial institutions offer some sort of online budgeting tools. At cPort our online banking platform offers robust budgeting capabilities from the ability to tag purchases to setting savings goals.

To read the full November issue of Amjambo Africa, click here.