There Are Options When It Comes to Paying for College

CPort Blog Post Image 2 Amjambo

With the start of school, one thing that can weigh on students’ minds is the financial responsibility that comes with attending college.  The financial section in the October issue of Amjambo Africa highlights the topic of education. Forest Avenue’s Branch Manager Jen Smith and Branch Supervisor Honorine Uwishema discuss all of the different way’s students…

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Do it All From Home

CPort Blog Post Image 2 Do It All

If we can say one thing with confidence, it’s that 2020 has given new meaning to the term “homebody.” What once used to be the space where we would hang our hat at the end of our day has become so much more. No one knew just how much time we would be spending at…

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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Home

CPort Blog Post Image HomeSweetHome

Finding a financial institution that is a good match for you is an essential part of the home buying process. At cPort, our mortgage team is happy to help you find a loan that will meet your needs, and ensure that you have a smooth application process, from pre-qualification through closing. It doesn’t matter if…

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What to do if You’re Worried About Money

CPort Blog Post Image Worried

As we continue to see COVID-19 cases in Maine and are encouraged to keep practicing social distancing, a lot of people are worried about what impact this will have on their finances. Whether you’re concerned about how you are going to keep saving or if you’ll be able to pay all your bills, here are…

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cPort Partners with Amjambo Africa on Financial Literacy Feature Column

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We’re excited to partner with Amjambo Africa as contributing authors for a monthly financial literacy column. The articles are cowritten by Forest Avenue’s Branch Manager Jen Smith and Branch Supervisor Honorine Uwishema, who together have over 18 years of experience in the financial sector. Both Jen and Honorine know this feature is important to the…

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What NCUA Means to You

What does NCUA mean?

Because your money is deposited at cPort, it’s safely backed by the U.S. government. More specifically, it’s insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. This reserve was created by Congress in 1970 and insures millions of account holders in credit unions like cPort. The NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) is the independent federal…

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Deposit A Check With Your Phone

Deposit a check

cPort’s eBanking mobile app makes banking transactions as easy as a swipe of your screen. Our Deposit a Check feature allows you to deposit a check into your checking or savings account right from your phone. Have you tried it? It’s so simple and convenient, we think you’ll love it. Besides, we’re all doing our…

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Money Savings Tip: Take 24-hours to Think Before You Click

24 Hour Rule

While spending most of our time indoors lately, we’ve been doing a lot of online shopping, maybe a bit too much. You probably have, as well.  Have you seen the amazing deals out there? They can be tempting! It’s easy to make an impulse buy and spend money we should be saving. Here’s a tip:…

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Special Edition of Fraud Facts: Online Holiday Shopping Scam Guide

Person shopping online

It’s that time of the year to shop for special gifts for loved ones! For many, that shopping occurs online. Fraudsters like to take advantage of this and target shoppers entering personal and financial information on the web. So, while you’re looking for the best deals this season, be on high alert for holiday shopping scams. Here…

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Fraud Facts: The Importance of Protecting One-Time Passcodes

Person scrolling on their phone with keyboard underneath.

Protecting Your Account Information In order to better protect the privacy and confidentiality of our member’s account information, cPort Credit Union uses a security method called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). There are several types of MFA options – cPort commonly utilizes a one-time passcode (OTP). With OTP, a single use code is generated and sent directly to the…

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