Money Savings Tip: Take 24-hours to Think Before You Click

24 Hour Rule

While spending most of our time indoors lately, we’ve been doing a lot of online shopping, maybe a bit too much. You probably have, as well.  Have you seen the amazing deals out there? They can be tempting! It’s easy to make an impulse buy and spend money we should be saving.

Here’s a tip: Don’t buy an item right away. Instead, add it to your online shopping cart and institute a 24-hour rule for all things you consider a non-essential purchase. Sure, you might buy it, or even better, you may return to realize you really didn’t need it all!

You may ask, “What’s a non-essential purchase?

Most purchases can fit into the following two categories:

  1. Things we need (usually essential items including food, medications etc.)
  2. Things we want (usually non-essential things including new clothing, the latest cell phone, etc.)

Have you tried the 24-hour rule? What money saving tips have worked for you? We want to know.