Which high-yield CD is right for you?


Taking control of your wealth is all about making wise financial decisions. It’s not just essential to have cash saved up, but also where you keep it – the right kind of savings account can yield dividends that put more money in your pocket! Certificates of Deposit are an excellent choice for those seeking higher…

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Ways to Enjoy Spring in Maine Without Emptying Your Wallet

CPort Blog Post Image 2 SPRING MAINE

With winter officially coming to an end it means the days are getting longer, and warmer weather is creeping through! Staying active this Spring does not have to mean breaking the bank. Most people travel for miles to find locations with a range of outdoor activities, but Mainers are lucky because we can save money…

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Give Back this Thanksgiving

CPort Blog Post Image 2GIVE BACK

We can’t talk about all things Thanksgiving and not mention the true intent of the holiday. While the holiday is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for, it’s also important to remember that some people may be struggling when it comes to keeping their family fed. Many food banks and pantries rely…

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Support Local by Ordering Takeout

CPort Blog Post Image 2TAKEOUT

Sure, cooking at home can be a fun activity on Thanksgiving, but it’s not for everyone.  Sometimes you simply don’t feel like cooking or dealing with buying all of the ingredients at the grocery store. If you’re one of those people, we have a great suggestion for how you can still get a great Thanksgiving…

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Money Tips to Help You Save on Turkey Day

CPort Blog Post Image 2turkey

Even though this year’s Thanksgiving table might be a little smaller than past years, it’s still so easy to spend more money than you like putting the meal together. Here’s a few helpful hints on how to curb costs while preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t buy enough for leftoversWe know, one of the best…

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There Are Options When It Comes to Paying for College

CPort Blog Post Image 2 Amjambo

With the start of school, one thing that can weigh on students’ minds is the financial responsibility that comes with attending college.  The financial section in the October issue of Amjambo Africa highlights the topic of education. Forest Avenue’s Branch Manager Jen Smith and Branch Supervisor Honorine Uwishema discuss all of the different way’s students…

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What to do if You’re Worried About Money

CPort Blog Post Image Worried

As we continue to see COVID-19 cases in Maine and are encouraged to keep practicing social distancing, a lot of people are worried about what impact this will have on their finances. Whether you’re concerned about how you are going to keep saving or if you’ll be able to pay all your bills, here are…

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Money Savings Tip: Take 24-hours to Think Before You Click

24 Hour Rule

While spending most of our time indoors lately, we’ve been doing a lot of online shopping, maybe a bit too much. You probably have, as well.  Have you seen the amazing deals out there? They can be tempting! It’s easy to make an impulse buy and spend money we should be saving. Here’s a tip:…

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