Which high-yield CD is right for you?


Taking control of your wealth is all about making wise financial decisions. It’s not just essential to have cash saved up, but also where you keep it – the right kind of savings account can yield dividends that put more money in your pocket! Certificates of Deposit are an excellent choice for those seeking higher yields; here, we break down what each type offers so you can make an informed decision and secure more significant gains ahead.

If you are a member over the age of 50, you are eligible for a bonus dividend rate of +.10% on all certificates.

Share Certificate

If you want to maximize your savings for upcoming goals, cPort’s Share Certificate is an ideal solution. With no limits on initial deposits and a low $500 minimum balance requirement, this certificate offers unbeatable security along with flexible monthly terms. See Savings Rates.

Save Up Certificate

With unlimited deposits and only a $100 minimum balance, the Save Up Certificate can help jumpstart your savings for whatever goals await — be it an emergency fund or even as part of a down payment towards on a house! Our terms offer flexibility: deposit as much as you want while maintaining just a $100 minimum balance, over 12 or 24 months. Plus there’s no penalty when using the funds as part of a new loan with us!

Liquid CDs

cPort’s Liquid Certificates give you access to the substantial benefits of a traditional certificate, all while allowing one free withdrawal each quarter. You’ll need a $5,000 initial balance to choose a maturity date of 12 or 18 months.

Bump Certificates*

These certificates are outstanding for rate-conscious members in a rising rate environment. With a Bump Rate Certificate, you can lock in the best rate now, and then once during the term of your certificate, you can request to bump the rate if rates rise. At cPort, this account requires only a $500 minimum balance with a term of 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. Keep in mind that you can only bump your rate once during the time of your certificate.

*cPort special promo bump certificates allow one free bump rate per calendar year!