Money Tips to Help You Save on Turkey Day

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Even though this year’s Thanksgiving table might be a little smaller than past years, it’s still so easy to spend more money than you like putting the meal together. Here’s a few helpful hints on how to curb costs while preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t buy enough for leftovers
We know, one of the best parts about Thanksgiving is the leftovers, but if you’re trying to be a little thrifty this holiday, it’s best to only buy enough food for what you’re planning to eat that day.

Skip the disposable dinnerware & silverware
While buying disposable can save time when it comes to clean up, it does not save on the wallet. A quick save is to use your normal everyday plates and silverware to cut unnecessary costs.

Clip those coupons!
With a week to go, now is the time to start scoping prices at the market. Make sure you set aside some time for due diligence when it comes to food prices. Check out the weekly ad that grocery stores supply in print and online. Download their apps for convenient ways to clip digital coupons.

Buy seasonal veggies for a better price
Make sure your side dishes include lots of seasonal options. Seasonal produce is usually cheaper.

DIY décor
Being festive doesn’t have to break the bank. This year save a few dollars by making homemade decorations.  Turn decorating into a fun family activity or friendly competition!