Meet one of our helpful tellers. Much of the cPort staff began their cPort careers as a teller and moved their way around in the organization. Read the interview below to learn more about Chuck's experience working at cPort.

What led you to your job at cPort?

I found cPort in my search for an entry-level job that would get my foot in the door in the banking world. I had zero banking experience prior to cPort and I wanted to get my feet wet and then grow in the industry. After doing some research on cPort and going through the interview process, I knew cPort would be the perfect place to do just that.

How have you grown at cPort?

cPort has given me a variety of opportunities to grow. I’ve slowly taken on more responsibility over my early stages here. I was selected to take part in a teller growth program which will give me hands-on experience in multiple facets of how cPort functions. Most importantly, those with more experience than me are always willing to walk me through new learning opportunities and help me when I need it.

What are cPort's greatest strengths?

My favorite thing about cPort is that there’s a strong culture of growth. cPort as a credit union is growing, and everyone who works here wants to grow with it. I took this position because I was looking for a culture like this and cPort has exceeded those expectations. Furthermore, there’s a culture of deep caring for the members and each other as employees. I’ve seen many instances of cPort being flexible with members and going to great lengths to make something work out for a member.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I’m most proud of being accepted to the teller growth program. I came to cPort because I wanted to learn and grow as much as possible, and being accepted to this program is a reflection of that. To me, it signifies that I’ve made that clear through my work.

What type of background do you feel would be suited for success at cPort?

The best part about cPort is that you don’t need a particular background in order to be successful. cPort is comprised of people with a variety of backgrounds and that’s what makes it so great and unique. To be successful at cPort, you just need to be willing to grow with it.

What’s your favorite sport to watch and which team do you root for?

My favorite sport to watch is hockey. I grew up playing baseball and played briefly in college, but hockey has slowly overtaken baseball as my favorite sport all around. I’m a New England sports fan, but my favorite team of the big 4 Boston teams is the Boston Bruins.

What’s your favorite TV show—the one you’re always watching on tv?

My favorite TV show of all time is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I’ve seen every episode more times than I can count and can quote or reference some of its most obscure scenes.