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Image that says “try our coin machines available at all cPort Branches”

Coin Machines Available at cPort Credit Union

Try our free coin machines!

Turn all of that loose change hanging around in jars and cans into instant cash! Our local credit union offers self-service coin machines at each one of our credit union branches in Maine. These coin machines are free for our members, so don’t wait another day and start compiling all of that loose change into cash.

How do coin machines work?

Simply bring in your change, dump it into the coin machine and wait for your printed receipt. Take your receipt to the teller line to deposit it into your cPort Credit Union account or exchange it for cash.

What types of coins can I deposit in the machine?

Our credit union’s coin machines accept US coins only. If you have foreign currency sitting around your home, you will want to bring it to a foreign currency exchange location.

Are there any fees associated with using coin machines?

If you're a cPort Credit Union member, our coin machines are free to use! And no matter the amount of coins you deposit, there will not be any fees associated with your withdrawal. However, a 5% fee will be deducted for non-member usage and donated to local charities and community organizations.

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