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Protection Products

Add term life and disability coverage to your next loan

Term life and disability coverage could reduce, pay off or make the loan payments on your covered cPort loan in the event of your death or disability from a covered illness or injury.

For more information, including details about exclusions and limitations, ask a member service representative about adding Term Life and Disability coverage to your loan.

Get extra security with GAP coverage

Did you know you could be risking some big financial losses in the early years of financing your vehicle? If your car is stolen or totaled, auto insurance covers only the actual cash value. Therefore, you remain liable for payment of the difference between your loan balance and the insurance settlement. This could result in hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. In addition to covering the loan deficiency, GAP also provides $1,000 towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle financed through cPort Credit Union.

You can sign up for GAP coverage when you apply for your vehicle loan at cPort Credit Union at rates below what dealers usually charge.

Mechanical repair coverage: big protection against big bills

Even the most reliable vehicle can develop a mechanical problem. We offer Route 66 Extended Warranty, a vehicle protection plan that provides excellent coverage and extensive protection, including Emergency Road Service, against mechanical and electrical failures. However, the most important feature is that Route 66 will cost you much less than you are accustomed to seeing at dealerships.

Ask a member service representative about adding a Route 66 Extended Warranty to your vehicle.

NCUA Share Insurance Estimator

Learn about your federal NCUA insurance coverage.


Insurance products 1) are not federally insured by the NCUA, 2) are not obligations of the credit union or its affiliates, 3) are not guaranteed by the credit union or its affiliates, 4) may involve investment risks including loss of principal.

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