Scams and Fraud. Be safe this Autumn.

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Welcome Autumn, the season of productivity and preparation! As the squirrels diligently stash their acorns for winter, scammers also step up to deceive and exploit unsuspecting individuals. At our Maine credit union, we prioritize the safety and security of our members year-round. Stay vigilant about scams and fraud, and protect yourself against threats targeting your personal information and hard-earned money.

Here are some tips to keep you safe from scams and fraud this season.

  • Be suspicious of someone contacting you, requesting you to act urgently.
  • Be suspicious of someone contacting you pretending to be cPort Credit Union and asking you to confirm your personal information or account details.
  • Messages from scammers usually don’t address you by name, and they often have grammatical errors.
  • Never click on any links from unexpected texts or emails.
  • Our local credit union will never ask you for a verification code.
  • cPort Credit Union will never ask you to send money to reverse a transaction.
  • If you are concerned about scams and fraud, do not engage further. Contact cPort directly through eBanking or by phone

You can take action right now to further protect yourself against scams and fraud.

  1. Keep your contact information updated.
    We rely on this information to authenticate your identity whenever there is uncertainty.
    You can review these in cPort eBanking by going to Settings > Contact
  2. Enable push alerts.
    By enabling push alerts, you’ll have complete visibility into every transaction, ensuring you’re always in control and can quickly identify any unauthorized activity.
    You can enable these in cPort eBanking by going to Tools > Alerts
  3. Enable biometrics (cPort Mobile App only)
    Biometrics is a form of authentication that uses fingerprints, facial recognition, or voice recognition to identify the user trying to access a mobile app. Enabling biometrics offers enhanced security.
    At the very bottom of the login screen on your cPort Mobile App there will be a small face icon– click to get set up! If you have snapshot enabled, you will find biometrics in the settings.
  4. Have a strong password that is long and complex, and make sure you have a different password for every site.
    By making your password lengthy and complex, you significantly decrease the chances of sophisticated software guessing it. When all your passwords are different, scammers won’t be able to access multiple websites with the same credentials if they manage to guess one correctly.
    You can change your username or password anytime in cPort eBanking by going to Settings > Security. 

Fraud is a real danger that we all must be aware of. We can ensure we don’t become victims by learning to identify red flags and using the tools available to protect ourselves from scams. Make sure your friends and everyone in your family know the warning signs, too. With these tips in mind, we hope you enjoy a beautiful Fall and stay safe!