Protect Your Financial Information: Beware of Mobile Text Scams

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In today’s digital world, your financial security is more important than ever. Recently, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of mobile text scams being circulated. These messages often attempt to deceive recipients by disguising as a financial institution. The message may ask you to verify a recent debit card transaction or might…

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Protect Your Sensitive Information With These 7 Simple Actions

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Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common, often resulting in personal data breaches. A recent example is the MOVEit breach, which affected approximately 1.3 million Mainers by exposing their private information. Although no financial details were leaked, such information can be misused by criminals for impersonation and unauthorized account access. Given the frequency of these breaches and…

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Scams and Fraud. Be safe this Autumn.

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Welcome Autumn, the season of productivity and preparation! As the squirrels diligently stash their acorns for winter, scammers also step up to deceive and exploit unsuspecting individuals. At our Maine credit union, we prioritize the safety and security of our members year-round. Stay vigilant about scams and fraud, and protect yourself against threats targeting your…

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Avoid Job Scams!

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Job hunting can be stressful, and the growing number of employment scams can make it even more overwhelming. Scammers are using fake employment opportunities to target applicants’ personal information and trick them into handing over money. They can advertise positions the same way legitimate employers do—in print newspapers or online through job posting websites, LinkedIn,…

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Don’t Get Tricked By These Common Scams


Scammers never seem to be short on creative ways to trick you into giving them your private information, often without you realizing it until it’s too late. These usually come in the form of legitimate malicious links but are a sneaky attempt to get you to unknowingly give them sensitive information such as your passwords,…

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Protect Yourself From Banking Fraud

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Today, fraudsters have access to more consumer information due to recent high-profile data breaches. Because of this, it’s important to stay vigilant and identify red flags when a scammer is trying to steal sensitive information. Even with the best security measures, scammers can trick victims by impersonating trustworthy organizations. For example, scammers contact victims by…

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Spot Scams Before They Happen

Spot Scams

cPort continually strengthens its fraud prevention system to help protect members. However, even with these efforts, there is nothing to stop fraudsters from contacting members directly to try to get information needed to bypass our enhanced fraud prevention systems. Scammers may do this by posing as a financial institution employee to gain your trust. They…

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Watch Out For This Caller ID Scam

Caller ID Scam

Beware of a phone scam going around where fraudsters are demanding potential victims purchase a gift card or be subject to having their utilities shut off. For example, people have recently reported that they received a call from someone posing to be from a utility company such as Central Maine Power (CMP). The caller ID on their phone…

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Don’t Fall For These Two Money Transfer Scams

Money Transfer Scams

Fraudsters love money transfer transactions because it provides a quick and easy way to get your money. A Money Transfer transaction is when you send money using your debit card. Apps and websites such as Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and Facebook Pay also allow you to make money transfers. Because you are sending cash, there…

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Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams This Year

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Every year around the holidays we like to provide our members with some help to avoid online shopping scams. This year is no different, especially with the uptick in COVID-related fraud.  As is with every year, scammers are becoming even more advanced in their techniques to try and fool you into divulging personal information. Since…

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