Spot Scams Before They Happen

Spot Scams

cPort continually strengthens its fraud prevention system to help protect members. However, even with these efforts, there is nothing to stop fraudsters from contacting members directly to try to get information needed to bypass our enhanced fraud prevention systems. Scammers may do this by posing as a financial institution employee to gain your trust. They may even go as far as “spoofing” cPort’s phone number if they call you.

Another way fraudsters try to steal your information is by sending a security verification code. After the code has been sent, the fraudster calls the member and claims to be a representative from the credit union. They inform the member that they are trying to prevent fraud on their account and have sent them a code via text or email to protect their information. The fraudster then asks the member to share the code with them to confirm receipt. Once in hand, the Verification code provides the fraudster with a potential gateway to the member’s account.

The only time you will be sent a Security Verification Code is when you are requesting services. If you unexpectedly receive a phone call asking to provide a code or any personal information, do not provide it. The person requesting the information is a scammer. If someone suspicious does call you asking for a verification code or any other personal information, hang up immediately, and call cPort directly. 

Follow These Rules:

  • cPort will never contact you to request personal information.
  • You should monitor activity on your accounts regularly.
  • Keep information on your accounts current for proper identification purposes.
  • Never share a security verification code unless you called cPort requesting services.

We want you and all cPort members to be vigilant and protected against deceptive tactics. cPort’s fraud prevention team is always hard at work making sure your accounts are secure with us. If you ever receive a suspicious call or text, contact cPort Member Care at 1-800-464-0253.