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Are you looking for a convenient and secure way to manage payment of your bills? You’re in luck! With cPort’s eBanking Bill Pay feature you can do just that.

Bill Pay allows online banking users to submit immediate, scheduled, and recurring bill payments to pay individuals or businesses.

Consolidate & Centralize Your Payments

Perhaps the best feature of Bill Pay is you have the ability to manage all of your bills from one central location, making this an extremely convenient tool, especially if you have a lot of accounts to make payments on.

You can also utilize our MultiPay feature where you can pay multiple payees at once with the click of a button instead of manually selecting each bill pay.

Stay Organized

With the busyness of life, sometimes it’s inevitable to make a late payment because time simply snuck up on you. With Bill Pay, you can stay organized and ahead of schedule by setting up recurring bill payments, putting your mind at ease every month.


Using Bill Pay is a safe way to pay your bills since you enter all of your personal account information through our secure eBanking system. 

Sustainability Factor

In addition to making it easier to manage your money, you’re also helping out the environment by cutting down your paper use!

Save Time

As if all these awesome benefits weren’t enough, think of all the time you’re going to save by paying your bills online and setting up payments in advance!

Visit page 10 of our eBanking Resource Guide to learn more about setting up payments with Bill Pay.