cPort Credit Union Donates $30,000 to Equality Community Center Capital Campaign

photo of 4 cPort and ECC employees after our local Credit Union Donated to the Equality Community Center Capital Campaign

cPort Credit Union is proud to announce a $30,000 donation to the Equality Community Center (ECC) capital campaign. The donation will be used in part to renovate their new home at 15 Casco Street and conduct the initial site planning of a 60-unit affordable housing building adjacent to the Center.

The Equality Community Center (ECC) is a local organization that provides support and resources for the LGBTQ+ community. They offer programs and services for all ages, including youth groups, support groups, counseling, and more. The ECC houses LGBTQ+ and allied justice-seeking organizations together under one roof. It’s an incubator for ideas and creativity, bold dreams and coffee-cup conversations, and a seedbed for connections, coalitions, and camaraderie.

The new housing structure is slated to include housing options geared toward LGBTQ+ older adults and other vulnerable members of our community. The goal is to make affordable housing and parking available in the heart of Portland with easy access to public services, health care, entertainment and recreation.

“We recognize the important role the Equality Community Center has in providing a safe environment and support to the members of our community,” said Gene Ardito, cPort CEO. “We are pleased to help support the Equality Community Center and their new home at 15 Casco Street.”

At cPort Credit Union, we believe in supporting our neighbors and communities, especially those who have been traditionally underserved. That’s why we’re proud to announce our $30,000 donation to the Equality Community Center capital campaign. The ECC provides much-needed resources and support to the LGBTQIA+ community in Maine, and this donation will help them expand their reach even further. We’re committed to making Maine a more equitable place for everyone, and we hope this donation will create an even more inclusive and supportive community for all.