The Telling Room

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We were thrilled to continue our partnership with The Telling Room for their highly anticipated annual event, Show & Tell 2023. This yearly event brings talented performers and storytellers to the stage in Portland. This year’s event was hosted by Mo Awale, DJed by Mosart212, and featured storytelling by Weike Wang, Lynn Steger Strong, and their musical guest, Olas.

About The Telling Room

The Telling Room is a non-profit organization that uses the power of storytelling to inspire young writers to express their creativity, share their stories, and build meaningful connections in the community. They provide complimentary writing workshops and mentorship programs for young students ages 6-18, across Maine.

As an organization, they have made it their mission to empower young writers and provide them with the tools and support they need to share their voices with the world. Through their complimentary writing workshops and mentorship programs, they nurture the creativity and storytelling abilities of young students. By investing in the younger generation, The Telling Room is cultivating a vibrant literary community and fostering a love for storytelling that will continue for years.

Supporting Maine’s Young Writers

We invite you to visit their website to learn more about The Telling Room and their impactful work. Join us in supporting this incredible organization and help shape the bright future of Maine’s young writers. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these talented individuals and continue to build strong, vibrant communities throughout our state.