Ways to Give Back to The Community

Giving Back to Our Community

At cPort Credit Union, we believe it is important to give back to the community not only for the benefit of those in need, but for our own personal growth as well. Whether someone is volunteering their time, resources, or professional services, there is a great reward that comes with helping others and making a difference in our local communities. Community service gives us an opportunity to develop skills while making connections and gaining experiences that will last a lifetime. Here are some outstanding Maine organizations categorized by interest where you can find giving opportunities that best match your passions.

Arts and Entertainment

Palaver Strings
Palaver Strings is a chamber music group that strives to connect diverse communities through music. They achieve this by performing in community spaces and collaborating with local musicians and organizations. To support their cause, people can attend their concerts and donate to their organization. Visit www.palaverstrings.org for a list of concerts you can attend.

Portland Presents
Portland Presents is focused on promoting and supporting the performing arts scene in Portland, Maine, primarily through its partnerships with Portland Ovations, Portland Stage, and Portland Symphony. The collective efforts aim to showcase the diverse, vibrant, and dynamic cultural landscape of the city, giving both local and touring performers a stage to highlight their talents. People can help support these organizations and their mission by attending their performances, volunteering, or making donations. Visit the links below to learn more.

Portland Ovations www.portlandovations.org
Portland Stage www.portlandstage.org
Portland Symphony www.portlandsymphony.org

Environment and Sustainability

Portland Trails
Portland Trails focuses on creating and maintaining trails throughout the Greater Portland area. The organization aims to provide recreational opportunities for people of all ages, promote community connectivity, and preserve natural lands for future generations. People can support Portland Trails by volunteering, donating, or becoming a member of the organization. Get involved at www.trails.org

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
MOFGA is dedicated to promoting organic agriculture by educating farmers, gardeners, and consumers about sustainable farming practices. They strive to create a healthier planet by advocating for local food systems that prioritize biodiversity and environmental stewardship. People can support their efforts by becoming members, volunteering, attending events, and choosing to purchase and consume organic products. Learn more at www.mofga.org


Equality Maine
EQME is committed to achieving full equality for LGBTQ+ individuals in the state of Maine. Their mission is to promote and advocate for the civil rights of all LGBTQ+ people, including equal access to housing, employment, healthcare, and education. People can help by donating to support their efforts and volunteering at events. You can find ways to support their work by visiting www.equalitymaine.org

Equality Community Center
The mission of the Equality Community Center of Maine is to provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all identities and backgrounds. They aim to promote equality and social justice by offering support and resources to those in need. People can help by volunteering their time, donating funds or resources, and spreading awareness about the organization’s mission and services. To learn more about volunteer and donation opportunities, visit www.eccmaine.org

First Responders

Maine Game Warden Foundation
The Maine Game Warden Foundation is dedicated to preserving Maine’s wildlife and natural resources. They work closely with the community to educate and engage people in conservation efforts. To support their cause, people can make a donation or participate in their various fundraising events throughout the year. Visit www.mainegamewardenfoundation.org to see how you can help.

Maine State Troopers Foundation
The Maine State Troopers Foundation aims to support and provide assistance to the families of Maine State Troopers who have lost their lives while on duty. This includes financial support, scholarships for children, and counseling services for surviving family members. Individuals can help by donating to the foundation, participating in fundraising events, or volunteering their time to support the cause. To see a list of events, visit www.mainestatetroopersfoundation.org

Food and Nutrition

Campaign for Ending Hunger, Maine Credit Unions
The Campaign for Ending Hunger is dedicated to eradicating hunger and food insecurity in Maine. This organization partners with local food banks and pantries to provide critical support to individuals and families in need. By making donations, people can contribute to this important cause and help ensure that every Mainer has access to healthy, nutritious food. To make a donation, visit www.campaignforendinghunger.org

Local Food Pantries
Local Food Pantries like Augusta Food Pantry and Preble Street are dedicated to providing access to healthy and nutritious food for those in need. They rely on community support through donations of non-perishable food items and funds to purchase fresh produce. These food pantries also offer additional resources such as cooking classes and nutrition education to promote healthy eating habits.

To participate visit www.augustafoodbank.org if you live near Augusta or www.preblestreet.org for the Portland and Scarborough region.

Health and Wellness

American Heart Association
The American Heart Association focuses on promoting heart health and preventing cardiovascular diseases through research, education, and advocacy. They strive to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to live healthier lives and reduce their risk of heart disease. One way that people can support their efforts is by making donations to fund research and community outreach programs. Additionally, individuals can participate in events such as heart walks and CPR trainings to raise awareness and support the cause. To learn about the many ways you can get involved visit www.heart.org

Alzheimer’s Association
The Alzheimer’s Association is dedicated to providing support and education to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. They work tirelessly to raise awareness about the illness and provide resources to help people cope. Individuals can lend a helping hand by volunteering, participating in fundraising events, or making a donation to support their cause. To get involved visit www.alz.org

The Immigrant Community

Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center
The Greater Portland Maine Immigrant Welcome Center is a dedicated resource center for immigrants in the Portland area. They provide services such as English language learning, cultural understanding, legal assistance, and access to resources. The center relies on donations and volunteers to support their mission of facilitating a smooth transition for immigrants in Maine. To get involved visit www.welcomeimmigrant.org/support-us

Catholic Charities Maine
Catholic Charities Maine is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting those in need, regardless of their religious affiliation. They provide emergency assistance, housing, healthcare, and education, with the aim of promoting self-sufficiency and social justice. Supporting their mission can be done through donations, volunteering, or advocating for policies that aid those in need. To see how you can help, visit www.ccmaine.org/get-involved


Maine Children’s Alliance
The Maine Children’s Alliance is committed to improving the lives of children and families in Maine. They work towards this goal by conducting research, advocating for policy change, and providing support to community organizations. Individuals can help by volunteering with or donating to the organization, becoming informed about policy issues affecting children, and speaking out in support of policies that benefit families in Maine. Learn how you can take action by visiting www.mekids.org/take-action

Local YMCAs or Boys and Girls Clubs
YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs aim to provide a safe and enriching environment for children to learn, grow, and explore their full potential. These organizations offer a variety of programs that promote physical activity, academic excellence, and social responsibility. People can help support their efforts by volunteering their time, donating resources, or participating in fundraising events. Below are a list of YMCAs or Boys and Girls Clubs in your area:

Kennebec Valley YMCA www.kvymca.org
Boys and Girls Clubs of Kennebec Valley www.bgckv.org
Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine www.bgcmaine.org