Let’s Be Kind

CPort Blog Post Image 2 BeKind

Over the summer, the Retail Association of Maine, Portland Chamber of Commerce, and Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association developed and launched the statewide Let’s Be Kind campaign. cPort is proud to promote the mission of the Let’s Be Kind campaign. cPort’s President & CEO, Gene Ardito says, “The purpose of the campaign is simple. It encourages Mainers to be patient and show kindness toward workers and one another as we all work to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic together.”

Every business is working through challenges as they occur and will continue to do so to provide a balance between safety and a great experience.  It’s important to remember those working and interacting with the public on a daily basis are trying the best they can given the unique circumstances that we all are navigating through this year. At cPort, we’ve installed temporary walk-up structures in all of our branch lobbies to keep both our employees and members safe. Although MSR offices are not open to the public at this time, we are assisting members over the phone and online now more than ever.  We all have to follow the same rules and guidelines set forth in Maine. Please remember, as we’re all adapting to a new way of doing business, let’s be kind to one another – it’s one thing we shouldn’t have to worry about.

To learn more about the Let’s Be Kind campaign click here.